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Mission Statement

"Quad Cities Interfaith (QCI) is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization of congregations and community groups whose purpose is to build local leadership and address community issues in the Quad Cities region of Illinois and Iowa. QCI strives to improve the quality of life in our region by developing community leadership in congregations and other institutions, so as to bring our values into public dialogue, and work together to speak with a strong, unified voice in the decisions that affect our lives."


QCI began in 1986 as a coalition of congregations and people of faith to provide an interfaith response to the farm crisis. Reverend Keunning was pastor of Church of Peace, and was also involved with the formation of the Community Caring Conference, which is based at Church of Peace. At the same time, local clergy, led by Rev Kuenning, Rev. Grimes, Joe Smith, Thomas Kilbride and others began to talk about addressing systemic injustices and larger issues like joblessness and foreclosures in the QCA. Reverend William Grimes was one of the first local clergy to organize around the idea that the faith community should lead in the work for addressing systemic injustices in the QCA. Already a recognized community activist, Reverend Grimes lent his considerable reputation and leadership to the effort of forming Quad Cities Interfaith. From this work they began to think strategically about forming an organization that could address community needs and combat systemic injustices and racism. Rev. Kuenning, working with Monsignor Mottet, connected QCI to Greg Galluzzo and the Gamaliel Network out of Chicago and the rest is history. From their efforts, Quad Cities Interfaith was formed. With leadership from Thomas Kilbride who provided the legal support to form the organization, these pastors lead the development of a multi-faith coalition that has progressed ever since to create a more just Quad Cities.

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